Galerie Setareh, Düsseldorf - Jean-Michel Atlan et la Nouvelle Ecole de Paris - 30 novembre 2019 - 14 mars 2020

The late French artist Jean-Michel Atlan was a self-taught abstract painter who has become something of a niche favorite in France in the decades since his death in 1960. Nevertheless, he remains largely unknown within the greater art world. This exhibition, organized with Fondation Jean-Michel Atlan and the Musée de la Moderne de la Ville de Paris, is a fascinating reexamination of an artist who was highly regarded by Jean Dubuffet, showed alongside Picabia, and was friends with both the Surrealists and artists from the CoBrA movement. The show, which includes works from Atlan’s most pivotal periods, is an eye-opening look at an artist who was collected by the likes of Gertrude Stein, but who has fallen, almost inexplicably, into obscurity.

“Jean-Michel Atlan et la Nouvelle École de Paris” is on view through March 14, 2020, at Setareh, Königsallee 27 & 31, Düsseldorf, 40212